How to dye hair in its natural color

How to dye hair in its natural color
After numerous experiments on his color hair women want to return them their natural, which awarded the nature. However, after a long time of staining, discoloration and other radical changes, your hair are stressed and in terrible condition. But not everything is lost, putting skill, a lot of effort and including patience, you will return your hair color natural.

You will need
  • – washing;
  • – краска для волос.
The natural color of the hair is completely dependent on the concentration of melanin, which contains the coloring matter. Melanin production occurs in the hair follicle. To restore the natural color, you can safely use the washing, however, not one such procedure is required, and the structure of the hair from this significantly deteriorates.

If your natural hair has a light hue, and painted in a dark tone, consider the moment that the dark pigment, unlike the light, remains on the hair for a long time. Therefore in this case you will have to undergo at least four chemical washing procedures, between which there should be a gap of two weeks. Be prepared for the fact that the hair will not get a natural color, and will acquire a yellowish tinge. But nothing terrible, it remains only to paint them in a tone that is closest to your natural color.

If, on the contrary, your natural hair has a dark color, and painted in light, it will be much easier to restore the natural appearance, rather than in the first case. Wait until the hair roots grow back. Come to the store and use the cards colors determine the tone of your natural hair, attaching to the roots of painted strands. It remains only to choose the color of the paint that best suits you.

If at the moment the color of your hair is only one or two shades different from natural, you can use gentle flushing agents that do not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Such washings can be purchased in specialized stores for professional hair care.

Often the use of a wash and hair dye may result in excessive damage to the scalp and hair. After this, it is recommended to begin recovery procedures. Use balm-conditioner and masks from natural products that can be cooked in domestic conditions. Refuse for a while from the use of a hairdryer, ironing and curling iron.

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