How to dye hair folk remedies

How to dye hair folk remedies
Coloring the hair with chemical paints gradually destroys their structure, making the strands weak and brittle. Another thing folk remedies! Thanks to their use, you can not only achieve the desired shade, but also strengthen hair, make them healthy and beautiful.

You will need
  • – chamomile;
  • – henna;
  • – basma;
  • – tea;
  • – Coffee.
Ancient Egyptians used to stain gray hair used the blood of black calves, mixed with vegetable oil. And the Venetians, to make their own hair белокурыми, вымачивали их в соляных растворах и часами держали на солнце. К счастью, предки-славяне окрашивали hair more humane ways.

Если вы хотите осветлить hair, use a decoction of chamomile. To do this, three tablespoons of chopped flowers pour boiling water and let the broth brew. After an hour, strain the resulting solution. Rub the liquid in hair and hold for half an hour. If desired, chamomile can not even be washed off.

A popular natural dye is henna. It gives a red, fiery red, reddish-brown color. Dilute henna powder in hot water and apply the resulting mush on hair. Depending on what color you want to get, the time varies during which you need to keep henna. If you want a reddish hue, it will be half an hour. In order to hair have acquired a rich fiery-red color, you can hold the paint on your head for four or five hours.

The combination of henna and basma gives a variety of shades from light brown to black. If you mix equal parts of henna and basma, you will get a beautiful chestnut color. One part of henna with two parts of basma gives deep black, and one part of basma with two parts of henna is bronze.

Tea and coffee will also become indispensable helpers when dyeing hair. Pour four teaspoons of coffee into a Turkish, pour a glass of water and boil for five minutes. In the resulting mixture, pour one packet of henna and apply to hair. After an hour, rinse hair water with diluted in it table vinegar (one tablespoon per liter). Hair will acquire a dark chestnut color. A similar effect will be if you boil in a glass of water for twenty minutes, three tablespoons of black tea, and then for half an hour in a decoction of decoction in the head.

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