How to dye dark hair in light colors

How to dye dark hair in light colors
From the first time "obolondinitsya" is quite difficult. Do this in two ways: gradually discoloration and immediately repainting in the chosen color.

The procedure for switching from a dark tone to light should be done gradually, in several stages, so as not to severely damage the structure of the hair and not weaken it. If you paint at home, you can get an unpredictable result. Most often appears a reddish or green hue, getting rid of which is difficult. Therefore, you should consult a specialist in the salon.

It is necessary to consult a master, as he can see for how many tones there will be a discoloration for the first time, and then in the future. The main rule – do no harm. Since the hair will be slightly lighter, it means that the care should be more intensive. It will be necessary to purchase special cosmetic products for the scalp, to prepare all kinds of strengthening and softening masks. An obligatory factor is that eyebrows also need a color change, otherwise it will look unnatural.

Having dealt with the methods, pluses and minuses of staining, let's move on to the methods. Two clarification procedures have their own characteristics. Let us consider them in more detail.

Clarity of strands

This method contains several stages, which are carried out only by experienced masters, in order to avoid obtaining strange shades of rustiness or greens. Categorically, this procedure can not be carried out for those girls who have severely damaged and brittle hair, because the clarification process will further weaken them. Correct staining of dark hair in light can last 2-4 months.

In the beginning they work with the ends of the strands, and afterwards they reach the middle. Root coloring is the final stage. The shade of yellowness still does not escape, so you will eventually have to apply a basic shade to get the desired color.

You can carry out the clarification process at home, but if something does not work out, you'll have to correct the hairdresser, and with financial damage to you. Therefore, it is better to involve the master of this business and not to worry about the quality of the work. And no use of hydrogen peroxide. Hair can be permanently damaged and not subject to restoration, in this case they will have to be cut.

The process of repainting

The color change is gradual, so as not to harm. Therefore, the staining is carried out in several stages. To become a natural blonde, it takes about 5 sessions at the hairdresser. When self-painting, you should choose a high-quality paint and oxidizer 3%.

Home staining:

· Mixing in the same proportions the paint with the oxidant;

Distribution by hair evenly;

· Wrapping a head with a cap and a towel;

· Exposure to 50 minutes;

· Flushing with warm water;

· Wash your head with balm to strengthen.

All pro and contra

The main advantage of clarification is the quick receipt of the desired shade. Thus, you can not worry when repainting from a dark color to a blonde. However, do not forget that this procedure harms the hair. To minimize the damage, you need to use quality paint.

If you compare the highlight and gradual repainting, the second acts in a gentle mode, and really do it yourself at home. The transition from dark tones to light colors is made only on natural curls, because the paint acts on natural pigments. For colored hair, the procedure is meaningless, so in this case you should resort to washing in the salon.

Wash process

In order to return to the natural color of hair and there is a wash. Sometimes it may not be your natural color, as in the process, the native pigments are washed away. In order not to resort to this process, you should immediately use the services of professional masters.


· For simplicity of coloring, strands should be a smooth cascade;

· Consult with the hairdresser about the future color;

• Do not overdo when changing the image;

· The planned shade should not be in contrast with the color of the eyes;

· When you repaint yourself, be careful.

Do not forget that dyed hair requires special care, so you need:

· Rinse with chamomile broth;

· Use balsam;

· Use a mask for hair restoration.

Do not immediately rely on the blonde, perhaps you will perfectly match the mocha shade, and then do not want to lighten up. There is no need to hurry in the decision. The obligatory factor is the use of only sparing paints with a minimum content of ammonia.

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