How to dye basma hair

How to dye basma hair
Basma – vegetable natural paint, is considered ideal for staining volos in deep dark tones. This dye, used in combination with henna, is able to: improve the structure of the hair, strengthen the roots, eliminate dandruff, improve hair growth, give them shine.

You will need
  • – basma
  • – Henna
  • – glassware
  • – brush for applying paint on hair
To avoid getting a green color, which stains басма, нанесите ее на чисто вымытые влажные hair after the initial staining хной либо вместе с хной.

Возьмите необходимое, в зависимости от length of hair and the desired color, the amount of dry basma powder and henna, varying within 25-100

Color hair basma и добиться нужного эффекта помогут следующие соотношения: каштановый цвет получится после воздействия двух красителей в равных частях, бронзового оттенка вы добьетесь после применения басмы и хны в соотношении 1 части первой к 2-м частям второй краски и, напротив, 2-е части басмы в сочетании с 1-й частью хны дадут черный hair color.

In glass or china ware, rub a wooden spoon with hot water, warmed red wine or a strong infusion of hot black coffee. In order to uniformly color hair basma add shampoo, glycerin or decoction of flaxseed.

Кожу вокруг линии роста volos grease with greasy cream or petroleum jelly, which will help to avoid staining the band on the face in bright-yellow difficult to wash color. Apply the compound on the partings, first lightly dry hair полотенцем.

Dilute the remaining mush with hot water a third and apply to hair tips, после чего закутайте hair polyethylene film, and wrap the top with a towel to create a thermal effect.

To obtain light colors, keep the ink from 10 to 40 minutes, for dark ones – from 1 to one and a half hours. Further hair Rinse with warm water without using shampoo. Only after 24 hours hair можно будет промыть acidified water.

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