How to dry your hair with a hair dryer

How to dry your hair with a hair dryer
Electrical styling devices damage hair. But if you can use a curio or ironing sparingly, then sometimes you can not do without a hair dryer. Minimizing harm can be done with the help of certain rules, which should be adhered to without exception.

To dry your hair you will need a terry towel, comb, a round brush, hair clip and hairdryer. It is better to use high-quality instruments that control the heating of air and have several temperature regimes: hot and cold. If you want to fix the result, pre-prepare the styling products, for example, wax, gel or varnish of medium fixation.

Wash your head with shampoo if the hair is dirty. If they are clean, just moisten them and wrap the head with a towel to remove any excess moisture. After 10 minutes, proceed to drying with a hairdryer.

Расчешите волосы гребнем с редкими зубьями. Соберите часть локонов и зафиксируйте заколкой на макушке. Внизу у вас должен остаться нетолстый ряд прядей. Выберите подходящий температурный режим, лучше всего ставить на минимальный. Проводите круглой щеткой от корней до кончиков – фен в это время держите на расстоянии 15 см от волос.

As soon as the left row has dried out, separate some of the hair collected from the hair clip and repeat the same thing as you did earlier. Gradually, you dry all the curls, but do not damage their structure. The main thing is do not keep the device too close. On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes of time.

If after drying the hair dryer you want to wind the strands with curlers or curlers, leave the hair slightly damp, but not wet. At the end of the application, apply wax, lacquer or gel. In principle, curls, dried by this method, and so look attractive and not stick out in different directions. The natural shine and elasticity are also preserved.

Damaged hair is recommended to dry the hair dryer only in emergency situations, when this can not do without. Pre-apply thermal protection, which envelops each hair and prevents moisture from leaving the structure.

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