How to dry the nail polish

How to dry the nail polish
There are situations when polish for the nails you need urgently to dry. For this you can use both improvised home remedies and professional ones.

You will need
  • cold water, crushed ice, a hair dryer with a "cold air" function, olive or vegetable oil, a spray or varnish for drying the varnish.
Put polish in the fridge for a few hours. After this time you can start doing a manicure. Cooled polish ложится ровным тонким слоем, а также намного быстрее сохнет.

Apply decorative coating only to low-fat nails. To do this, moisten the cotton pad in the removal fluid polishbut or medical alcohol. Sand the nail plate. After such treatment it becomes smooth and the coating lasts much longer.

Do not apply polish thick layer, it's best to make 2 thin so that the color is more saturated. It is also desirable to use a basic framework. It protects your nails from harmful influence polisha.

Immerse your fingertips in cold water. It is best to make a bath, otherwise under a stream of running water polish can be smeared. Watch out for the temperature: the colder the water, the faster it will dry out polish. You can also add crushed ice to the tub. After 10 minutes, dry your hands in the air without wiping.

Use olive oil or vegetable oil. Do a manicure and dry it. polish in a natural way for a few minutes. Then apply oil for each nail. Do this carefully so as not to damage it accidentally polish. Оставьте на 5 минут и ополосните ногти прохладной водой.

Высушите polish cold air flow. Only after such extreme drying the manicure will not last long. Within a few days polish crack. is. Turn the dryer on the "cold air" mode and bring it to the nails. Moreover, you can use a fan. Do not dry polish Hot air – it damages the coating.

Use professional tools: polishи и спреи для быстрой сушки. Нанесите покрытие на уже painted nails и подождите пару минут. Спреи обычно используют в салонах красоты. Его распыляют на ногтевую пластину на расстоянии 20-30 см. Специальные средства позволяют не только быстро высушить декоративное покрытие, но и закрепить его и придать очаровательный блеск.

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