How to dry a pimple

How to dry a pimple
Pimples bring many unpleasant sensations mainly to young people. Leaping out on one or another part of the body, they distort the appearance and cause pain, as the skin becomes inflamed. To defeat the invasion of acne and quickly get rid of them, you need to dry the inflamed skin area.

Buy a medical alcohol at the pharmacy. If you do not sell it for some reason, then use vodka or moonshine. Dampen the cotton swab in alcohol-containing solution and attach it to the acney on 5-10 minutes. In the presence of a large number of blackheads, it is better to use wadded disks, which impregnate with vodka. It is possible that a burning sensation will appear, but you will have to wait a little, otherwise the pimple will not dry up. Treat acne 2-3 times a day, you can and a little more often.

Iodine not only dries the pimples, but also speeds up the healing process. Using a cotton swab, apply a little iodine directly to the pimple and hold for a few minutes. Do not worry that a dark spot forms on the skin, because iodine disappears fairly quickly (the part is absorbed, and the part is simply washed off). Lubricate the pimples 1-2 times a day.

Take a tincture of calendula and soak it with a cotton pad. Attach it to a problem place and hold it for about 15 minutes. Calendula has bactericidal properties, and in combination with alcohol, it also has a drying effect. If you use the tincture immediately, as soon as the pimple has appeared, it will take place in just a few days.

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