How to dry a gel for nails

How to dry a gel for nails
Nail service has advanced enough in its development and is actively gaining popularity. Gel nails should be given a greater preference than all the others, as they look more natural and do not damage the nail plate, protecting against the negative impact of external factors.

Gel, applied to the nail plate with a brush, dry. While it is damp and not dry, the shape of the nails should not be given. This procedure takes place only after the artificial nails completely harden. Because the gel – достаточно плотный материал, его сушка займет продолжительное время. Такие ногти не высыхают при естественных conditions.

Dry nails under the light of a special ultraviolet lamp. Gel for nails – this is the material that hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Often such a drying procedure undergoes photosensitive gels. In the process of exposure to UV rays, a reaction occurs to the nail, as a result of which the gel adheres to the nail plate.

If you want to get a stronger base of the nail plate, repeat the drying of the gel under the rays of the ultraviolet lamp several times. With each new time the gel begins to harden.

If you use to build a non-light sensitive gel, then it will not be able to dry it with the help of a UV lamp. Such a gel on the nails dried by soaking them in water or by applying a special substance to the nails.

Как только гель полностью высох, подпилите неровности и придайте ногтевым пластинам нужную форму. Поверх ногтя нанесите желаемый дизайн и покройте рисунок закрепителем. Нанесение рисунка и его сушка занимает продолжительное время, а покрытие делается в считанные секунды.

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