How to dress and make up for a date

How to dress and make up for a date
After a busy week, there's nothing better than spending a couple of hours with a nice person. Romantic atmosphere, candles, conversations – this all so wishes the girl's heart. On a date, the girl wants to look perfect, and for this you need to remember a few axioms.

You will need
  • – your favorite, beautiful clothes;
  • – косметика;
  • – self-confidence.
Going to date, remember the truth: be yourself – best, what a person can do. Do not try to impress the young man, try not to behave naturally, or speak phrases from your favorite TV series. Believe me, since you were invited to date, then you liked the person exactly the way you are. So, straighten your shoulders, smile at yourself and try to get the most possible pleasure from the upcoming evening.

Choosing clothing for a date is necessary with an understanding of the principle of Step 1. After all, the situation can be very comic: the man invited you to date, knowing that you are a fan of sports style – this is evident in clothes and in your beautiful figure. And you, with a view to surprise, decided to wear a beautiful long dress. Of course, you look insanely beautiful in this outfit, but still, for the first time date it's worth to dress in the usual way.

Если вы не знаете, где будет проходить date, то вы смело можете гордиться! Это же means, that your chevalier has a romantic heart. For a date – a surprise is best to wear practical, but still, beautiful clothes. For example, a beautiful knitted dress or jeans of a pipe and a sexy blouse. For such a case, skirt ballet shoes – it will be convenient to skip through the forest on a picnic, and in the museum it will look good too.

In the matter of cosmetics for the first date нет ничего таинственного и тем более, страшного. Помните, что во всем должна быть мудрость – не стоит использовать всю имеющуюся косметику дома. Выровняйте тон кожи лица, используйте тушь, блеск для губ и немного румян. Не забудьте надеть красивые сережки и позаботьтесь свежести волос. Именно такие простые принципы сделают ваш образ очень attractive.

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