How to draw smooth arrows

How to draw smooth arrows
Eyes – this is not only a mirror of the soul, but also the main weapon of a woman in the struggle for male attention. Often in order to make them more expressive, arrows are used. Depending on the color and shape of the eyes, the arrows can be thick and thin, black and multicolored. However, the main task in applying this make-up is to draw smooth arrows.

You will need
  • So, in order to make a make-up in the spirit of Cleopatra, you will need a well sharpened eyeliner. Most often for drawing arrows use semi-soft pencils. Soft will be too smeared, and hard can scratch the eyelid. In addition, at hand should be shadows of body and dark colors, cotton buds, as well as mascara.
  • Apply makeup in a well-lit place.
First it is necessary to put a few eyelids on the mobile eyelid телесного цвета. It is done so that the pencil is not smeared and does not flow.

Then we start drawing Arrows. Для этого стоит зафиксировать руку, например, можно опереться локтем на стол.

Another important condition is the application of arrows to the half-open eyelid. This is necessary in order to immediately see all the irregularities make-up.

Drawing the arrow should be closer to the ciliary edge, this will help visually eyelashes thicker. First you need to draw a thin line, and then, as necessary, make it thicker.

There are several ways нанесения shooter. Some prefer to start drawing from the middle of the century, others move from the inner edge eyes в внешнему.

The finishing touch is sure to raise the tip of the arrow up. Otherwise, the eyes can get kind of sad and omitted.

If the hands, in your opinion, look uneven, then it is possible to fix with the help of dark eye shadow and fine brush.

The obligatory condition for the application of arrows is the dark long eyelashes, which you can buy with mascara. Otherwise makeup может показаться незавершенным.

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