How to draw pictures on nails with photos

How to draw pictures on nails with photos
Beautiful nails with an interesting fancy pattern attract attention both to the hands, and to their possessor. Often, only such small, but very important and noticeable details help to stand out from the crowd and make the right impression. Of course, the master in the salon will do any necessary drawing on nails professionally and quickly, but often there is no time or desire to visit such an institution, and even to participate in the creative process of drawing is a very fascinating activity.

You will need
  • – varnishes, tools,
  • – wadded disks,
  • – nail polish remover
Идеи для оформления ногтевых пластинок можно придумывать и разрабатывать самим, но гораздо проще выбрать в журнале или интернете приглянувшийся из многих тысяч образцов вариант и перенести его с a photo на свои руки. Как же правильно нарисовать на nails an image I like a photographies?

Для начала нужно внимательно рассмотреть a photo and to study all the details of the manicure: what color varnish was taken as a basis, what colors the drawing was made on, whether the sequins needed for the chosen manicure or other decoration elements. If the lacquer of any shades of the house is not present – it is necessary to get it, and a photoit is better to take the manicure with you for the right choice.

On the nails, apply a base layer of varnish, corresponding to the image on the a photo. Previously, you need to determine in which technique the drawing is applied. Usually used 2 basic techniques: drawings иголкой или тонкой кисточкой.

The needle is drawn on the still liquid lacquer applied to the nail – as a result, various slightly blurred edges are obtained. On the nail with the applied base varnish, which has not dried yet, one or several small drops of varnish of the color needed to create the patterns are applied. Then the needle moves from drop to drop, which creates the necessary patterns.

A brush is usually drawn on the already dried layer of base lacquer – drawings, executed in this way, are more distinct, but it is possible to use a brush for drawings on a liquid varnish (then different colors are fancifully mixed on the nail). It is necessary very carefully, without taking a lot of varnish on the brush, to reproduce the desired pattern on nailsusing varnishes of selected colors.

Максимально точно повторив выбранное изображение, его нужно закрепить, используя специальное покрытие – тогда нанесенный рисунок будет более защищенным от неосторожного обращения – и ваши руки сохранят свой великолепный вид надолго.

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