How to draw nails

How to draw nails
Beautiful and original nails are an excellent addition to any image and style. Ability to draw on nails is an excellent way of self-expression, and also a good opportunity to earn extra money. Moreover, in order to learn how to make nail masterpieces, it does not necessarily have to be an artist.

Any drawing on the nails должно начинаться с качественного manicure. Make a warm bath for hands, remove the cuticle, give the nails the desired shape, grind the surface of the nail plate.

After that, think about which drawing you want to draw. If you are a beginner, then start with simple patterns – dots, lines, elementary graphics. Gradually, the drawings can be complicated. Do not try to draw a picture at once – it's best to apply strokes step by step.

Для того, чтобы делать разнообразные узоры, вам понадобиться широкий ассортимент лаков for nails, as well as special acrylic paints that can be bought in specialized stores for manicure. There you should also buy thin brushes, which are convenient to apply thin lines and dotz – a special tool for drawing on nails.

Если вы хотите в совершенстве освоить искусство ногтевого рисования, то можно записаться на специальные курсы. Также овладеть мастерством поможет литература по ногтевому дизайну и video-The lessons on the Internet.

Remember that organic Pictures on the nail largely depends on the correct combination of colors that you apply to the drawing.

To make the image on the nail even more original, you can try adding stickers to it nails. They are sold in all cosmetic shops.

Также стоит обратить внимание на наборы для френча – French manicure. They help to make the drawing clear, without chips and blots. In addition to the classic version – colorless nail plate (possible cream or pink variations) and white edging of the nail, you can try to make a colorful coat, because there is no limit to fantasy!

After you have made a drawing, do not forget to cover the nail with a protective coating – so your masterpiece will last much longer!

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