How to draw nails on ice

How to draw nails on ice
Actual winter design – an extraordinary beauty of ice. They look at the nails as real, fascinating and rivet your eyes.

You will need
  • – баф
  • – primer
  • – base
  • – matte top
  • – glossy top
  • – gel-lacquer of blue color
  • – гель-лак белого цвета
  • – foil for the design of "broken glass"
  • – white gel-paint without an adhesive layer
  • – velvet white sand or acrylic powder
  • – a thin brush
  • – Sponge for applying a foundation, or a flat brush
  • – a clincher or other liquid to remove stickiness
  • – rigid brush
  • The sample is shown on the tip, but a description is given of how this design is done on the nail.
Standardly prepare the nail. We remove the gloss with a baff, and treat it with a primer. Cover the base with the lamp. Next, apply two layers of blue gel-varnish, both dried in a lamp.

Take the foil "broken glass", cut off pieces of different shapes and sizes. We spread them on a sticky layer of colored gel-varnish. Top with a glossy top and dry in a lamp. Remove the sticky layer, and if on the surface of the nail from the foil are unevenness and roughness, lightly grind the buff, and apply a second layer of top. Dry in the lamp. Remove the sticky layer.

Next, take a triangular sponge for a foundation, or a flat brush, put on it a white gel-lacquer and light patting movements along the edge of the entire nipple make a stroke. This gives the winter snow-covered nails. Dry in the lamp. If necessary, you can make the second layer of the stroke.

Cover the nail with a matte top and dry it in a lamp. Remove the adhesive layer if it is. The foil acquired a mysterious flicker under the matt top.

We circle the foil with white gel-paint, thus isolating the future ice cubes, do not dry it.

Sprinkle the lines with white velvet sand, or acrylic powder, dry in a lamp. The ice cubes are ready.
Unfortunately the photo does not convey all the beauty of this design.

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