How to draw gel pens on nails

How to draw gel pens on nails
Nail design today has become much more popular than before – more and more girls are paying attention to the state of their nails and their beauty. In addition to ordinary monophonic manicure, designer painting on the surface of nails is gaining popularity, but in beauty salons such a painting costs a lot, and many girls dream of learning how to create such a manicure at home. For nail painting, you can use ordinary gel pens, which, oddly enough, are great for this purpose, creating elegant and delicate lines.

Get a set of multi-colored gel pens – you will need both conventional pens and pens color metallic. Find suitable patterns for painting nails on the Internet and try to repeat them on paper, а затем смело переходите к росписи ногтей.

Usually for painting gel handles fit patterns of fine and fine lines – spiders, intersecting stripes, and much more. To begin, cover the nail with a varnish of the desired color in two layers and wait until the varnish dries.

Do not wait for the final drying, take a gel pen and gently repeat on the nail the pattern you selected for manicure. If some line is unsuccessful, you can fast erase her and redraw the pattern again.

In addition, you can diversify the pattern with silver or gold gel handles – such a manicure будет смотреться эффектно and beautiful. Несмотря на ограниченную палитру цветов, вы сможете создать необычную роспись на nails, since even the most stylish patterns usually consist of no more than three basic shades.

In turn, draw a pattern and its elements on each of its nails. Dry it a little nails, then cover them with a colorless transparent lacquer, which will fix the pattern and will not allow it to wear off and smear.

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