How to draw dark palms on nails

How to draw dark palms on nails
Have you missed the summer? And what if I depict it on my nails. A beautiful manicure with palm trees on the background of stars can be done in just a few minutes. And it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon.

You will need
  • -Base for nails
  • -White
  • -Разноцветные лаки
  • -Stacker
  • -Dot or toothpick
Clean the nails from the old manicure. If necessary, use the nail file. Cover the nails with a base for manicure and let it dry thoroughly. Open all the varnishes and choose a bright blue color. Cover it with a nail in a uniform layer.

Wait for the layer to dry completely from step 1. then use a stitch or toothpick to draw a pair of trunks of your future palms with black lacquer.

Dark blue or black lacquer add foliage to your palm trees. Note that the foliage must have the shape of a curved rectangle. Use smooth lines to create a wind blowing effect.

Dry your nails completely. Cover with a layer of plain paint with sparkles of any color.

Complete your manicure by covering all the nails with a water-repellent base (fixer). Wait until it is completely dry. Your manicure with palm trees ready.

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