How to draw colored arrows

How to draw colored arrows
Bright colors are in fashion today. One of the most topical methods of makeup – color Arrows on the centuries. They can be an excellent alternative to the usual make-up, especially if you learn how to bring your eyes gently and correctly pick up the colors.

You will need
  • – colored eyeliner or shadows in a pencil;
  • – Brushes;
  • – cotton buds;
  • – transparent eyeliner with sparkles;
  • – plastic card;
  • – extending mascara for eyelashes;
  • – magnifying mirror.
Выберите подходящую текстуру и оттенки подводки. Рисовать цветные стрелки можно карандашами, лайнерами, тенями in a pencil, liquid or gel piping. Stop by the option that is familiar to you, or try one of the fashionable novelties. The last offer of leading cosmetic companies is water based shadows in pencil. Soft cream shadows easily lie on the eyelid and keep up all day without problems.

The thinnest and brightest arrows are painted with liquid or gel piping. This method requires skill, but the resulting arrows do not erase for several hours. For drawing, use a thin round brush or a flat brush with a bevelled edge.

Pay attention to the fashionable colors of the eyeliner. Bright colors are especially urgent today. They can be supplemented with the usual black, dark brown or gray – you will get a beautiful everyday make-up. A more outrageous option is to combine two bright hues. Try to combine turquoise with brick-brown, blue with golden-yellow or green with purple. Usually the upper eyelid is darkened and the lower one is light.

Apply to the eyelids fixing base, and then shadows of a neutral shade. So the hands will look brighter and last longer. Take the magnifying mirror – it's much more convenient to work with it. Place the elbow on the table, giving the arm a support. Bring a brush from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer edge of the eye. Then draw the arrow from the middle to the inner corner.

Первую линию ведите очень тонко. Если рука дрогнет, быстро подправьте штрихи ватной палочкой. Если вы хотите продлить стрелку, приложите к внешнему уголку глаза пластиковую карточку или ручку кисти. По такому шаблону вы без труда нарисуете ровную стрелку – прямую или приподнятую к виску.

Is the line smooth? Make it more visible by drawing the arrow with great pressure. If the color eyeliner seems to you too pale, you can draw it on top of a brown or black pencil substrate – the shade will be more juicy. Lower eyelid lead, holding the brush as close to the line of growth of the eyelashes. In the outer corner of the eye, the lines of the eyeliner can be connected or left parallel.

Хотите добавить сияния? Поверх цветной стрелки аккуратно нанесите прозрачную подводку с блестками. Не забудьте накрасить ресницы, чтобы макияж выглядел завершенным. Воспользуйтесь удлиняющей тушью – она не скроет красивые цветные стрелки.

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