How to draw beautiful arrows in front of eyes

How to draw beautiful arrows in front of eyes
How to draw beautiful arrows in front of eyes simply and quickly? It takes a few minutes to study the lessons of makeup. But time will not be wasted, since the arrows are always a topical classic. This decorative pattern will add to the eyes of expressiveness.


How to learn to draw arrows in front of eyes

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on the tool that will be used for making up the makeup. You can draw arrows with a pencil, liner, marker or brush. The choice is best based on their experience in applying make-up.

Draw beautiful hands in front of a pencil will be easy for both the professional and beginner. After all, with the help of a cotton swab you can easily correct the line. But the ideal arrows, which will be those for the whole day, must necessarily be fixed with shadows or eyeliner.

Too greasy pencil is not suitable for ideal shooters, it will spread.

Draw arrows on eyes eyeliner can only professionals. The destiny of the newcomers is to fix the arrows, drawn with a pencil, in the liner.

When choosing a liquid eyeliner, it is better to pay attention to a tool with a hard brush, which, when used, easily changes the thickness of the arrow. If you can not draw a thin line using a liner, you should look for another one.

The marker is the most convenient thing for a beginner in make-up, as well as for a professional. A sufficient density of the marker applicator is important, as well as its thickness – it is necessary that you can draw a thin line.

How to draw beautiful arrows in front of eyes easily and quickly? With the help of a brush and shadows (dry eyeliner). A flat beveled brush and a monochromatic black deep shadow color are mandatory parameters when choosing these objects.

Drawing arrows: what rules to observe

1. Apply the arrows directly on the contour of the eyelashes.

2. You need to learn how to draw arrows without closing your eyes.

3. The head can not be turned to the side, you need to look in the mirror in front of you.

4. Since the arrows accentuate the eyes, the look around the eyes should be flawless.

Drawing arrows: technique

1. The first line will help draw a paper sheet. The face in the mirror should be reflected directly, the jaw – parallel to the floor.

The sheet is located from the outer corner of the eye to the wing of the nose. On the sheet you need to draw a line from the corner of the eye diagonally upwards marker, liner or pencil, about 1 cm.

The arrow on the other hand is drawn the same way, the main condition – the sizes of the arrows must be exactly the same.

Next, the arrow is drawn like this: an indentation of 5 mm from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner, connecting this point with the top of the arrow. You should get an arrow at the bottom of 5 mm and narrowed it to nothing from above.

2. The next step is drawing 2 lines. One is carried from the middle of the contour of the eyelashes along the very edge, the second from the middle of the eyelid to the end of the arrow.

3. Then the arrow is brought to the inner corner of the eye.

4. To beautifully draw arrows on the eyes, all lines of intersection should be rounded.

5. And the finale is the application of mascara to the eyelashes.




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