How to draw arrows on the century

How to draw arrows on the century
Draw thin arrows along the contour of the eyelashes, and you will turn into a charming chanterelle with expressive eyes. True, reincarnation is not always successful, if you do not own eye makeup technology. But the fact is to hold the black Arrows on century, there is nothing complicated.

To make your eyes liquid linings, pre-powder the eyelids or make them up friable shadows. This will not allow the piping to crack when dry. Not pressing too much, squeeze the brush sideways strictly above the line of eyelashes and smoothly lead it from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. If there is no experience to make the line even, liquid liner is applied in two stages – from the bridge of nose to the middle of the century and from the middle to the outer corner. Tips Arrows должны быть симметричны. Подождите от 20 секунд, старайтесь не моргать, не жмуриться, чтобы подводка высохла, не смазалась и не потрескалась. Стрелка делается в один слой. Ресницы следует красить только после нанесения лайнера.

Those who can not cope with the arrows from the liquid liner, you should use pencils. He, by the way, gives more variations of make-up, allows not only to create, but also to shade lines. Yes, and the flaws of pencil marksmen are easier to correct. The eyeliner should be sharply sharpened. Because it has a hard surface compared to a liquid brush, you will need the help of a second hand. Stretch the eyelid in the direction of the temple, so that there are no wrinkles and folds that thicken the pencil arrow. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye. Hold the pencil perpendicular to the skin surface.

And to add freshness, youth and expressiveness to the eyes, use a light pencil-kayalom. White, beige, mother-of-pearl or flesh-colored pencil draw a translucent arrow along the edge of the lower eyelid directly above the eyelashes, close your eyes so that the pencil dyes the upper eyelid. Festive looks and the second arrow on the top century, drawn the same pencil strictly above the first.

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