How to draw arrows in the 2018 year

How to draw arrows in the 2018 year
The ability to draw arrows refers to the category of mandatory, because with their help you can give your eyes a unique charm, if you know how to correctly use eyeliner.

You will need
  • liquid liner
Lean on the bedside table or the triple (any other support) – it is necessary that the hand does not flinch on first этапе. Со временем вы научитесь lead one's eyes, using liquid podvodku, quite confidently, and you do not need support. Draw spouting Arrows не так сложно, как может показаться. Главное в этом деле – практика, желание научиться рисовать стрелки spouting.

Pull the eyelid with your finger, half-closing your eyes, where you are going to draw an arrow. Then take the brush and in small strokes, draw a line along the upper eyelid, it is desirable that it be even. From the first time, usually an equal arrow does not work, but it is necessary to try. Repeat the same procedure with the second the eye.

Start drawing the arrow from the middle of the century, if you have small eyes. Slightly draw a line beyond the outer corner, point it slightly upwards – this will open the eye, visually making it bigger. Close-set eyes should be brought with a thin line, starting from the middle of the century, and then thicker move the arrow to the edge of the eyelid, towards the temples.

Draw the arrow from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer one, if you have round eyes. This technique will visually extend them, give them an almond shape.

Make the narrow eyes more round by drawing the arrow liquid подводкой тонкой, а от середины сделайте ее толще. Таким образом вы сместите акцент к middle eyes, and visually expand it. Do not be afraid to experiment, find your own style, turn your eyes and make your eyes more expressive.

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