How to draw a properly brow

How to draw a properly brow
Beautifully outlined eyebrows give the person a well-groomed appearance. You can make them with the help of a make-up artist or yourself. For painting arcs, use pencils, shadows, gels or waxes. Correctly choose shades of cosmetics and learn how to apply it quickly and accurately. You can tint your eyebrows with a pencil, shadows, wax or gel. The products intended for eyebrows differ from eyelash cosmetics with a drier texture and increased resistance. The choice of this or that remedy depends on the density of the hairs, their thickness and color. For naughty, protruding eyebrows need a fixing gel, thin and rare mask the shadows, and for arcs with prominent bald spots a combination of pencil and wax.

Choose the right eyebrow shape. It depends on the facial features. Large and angular complemented by long eyebrows with a kink, the round face is more slightly curved and shortened. The color of the pencil or shadows depends on the shade of your hair. The darker they are, the more intense the shade is worth using. However, coal-black eyebrows do not go even to brunettes. It is much more natural to look coffee or gray-brown color. Blondes and brown-haired women are suitable beige-gray scale.

Before you start drawing, remove excess hairs with tweezers or wax strips. Wax is removed vegetation on the bridge of the nose and form a thin "tail" at the temples. The tweezers are useful for correcting the lower part of the arc and plucking out individual hairs. Too long eyebrows should be carefully trimmed with manicure scissors. The hairs will not be shaggy, the arches will become more elegant.

Pluck your eyebrows in front of the magnifying mirror and constantly monitor their symmetry

Very rare, almost nonexistent eyebrows form in two stages. First draw the arc with a pencil of the right color. Start from the inner corner of the eyebrow and guide the line to the outer edge. Do not click on the pencil, the outline should be very light. On a brush with a beveled edge or a dense thin applicator, type not too dark shadows and apply them on top of a pencil with short strokes, rubbing it. At the nose, the eyebrow should be wider, and closer to the temples of the line should be narrowed.

To make the eyebrow look prettier, draw a line under it with a light pink pencil and rub the pencil. The pencil will hide the growing hairs and open your eyes. If there is no pencil, use light matte shadows

If the eyebrows are too widely spaced, short strokes of sharp sharpened pencil imitate hairs at the bridge of the nose. Razotrite strokes with a thin applicator. Do not make the eyebrows too wide, they will give the face a frown. Make sure that there are no bald spots on the arcs. You can use just two shades of shadows. First, mark the line with a dark color, and then shade it with lighter shadows. Erase unsuccessful strokes with a clean cotton swab.

Dull, shine-free hairs will revitalize the natural wax. For dark and even eyebrows, a colorless variant is suitable, and the arches with bald spots are treated with colored. It can be combined with shadows. First, apply a wax loop, and then put a layer of shadows of the appropriate color. Brush your eyebrows with a hard round brush, leading it from the bottom up and slightly sideways, from the bridge of your nose to your temples.

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