How to draw a pencil eye in 2018

How to draw a pencil eye in 2018
The padding makes the look more expressive and deeper, framing with a clear contour and amplifying the effect of magnetism. This secret female weapon in ancient times was used even by men. The pencil lead allows you to draw a new shape of the eye, make them brighter and larger, give the person the right expression and what kind of woman can refuse such opportunities. But draw a pencil so that it corresponds to the conceived image, it will be easy only for a professional make-up artist or those who have mastered the science of their own make-up in perfection. However, this can be learned.

You will need
  • Pencil for eyeliner
Undermine the pencil, it must be sharp to create a thin line. In addition, a fresh slice of the lead gives a clearer, more uniform line of the required width.

Conveniently sit in front of a mirror with high-quality lighting. You should not interfere with the conduct of lines near the edge eyes, otherwise the line will be fuzzy or worse, hurt the eye with a sharp in pencil.

Do not rush your eyes, first determine what there will be a linings in accordance with the chosen way

Provide points on the proposed line of eyeliner. Connect them in short strokes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Do not immediately spend the whole line, drawing strokes you will be easier to correct an unsuccessful site.

Keep the line near the edge growth eyelashes, более тонкую у внутреннего уголка, в самом начале, постепенно расширяющуюся к внешнему уголку глаза. И в самом конце снова сужающуюся в thin "tail", which will be easier do elegant, if you lightly pull up the skin of the upper eyelid with your fingers.

На самом деле строгих правил подводки глаза не существует. Научившись подводить глаза по этой Technology, со временем ты станешь подводить глаза одним уверенным движением и освоишь другие техники выполнения подводки.

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