How to draw a kiss on the nails

How to draw a kiss on the nails
Draw a kiss on the nails will not be difficult, if you know how to draw, what and on which nail. This design can be done at home, a little training, stuffed his hand. The design of the manicure can be both pretentious and unusual, and unpretentious, but with taste. For example, with kisses. Such a picture is easy to make by yourself at home, having a minimal set of tools available.

What will be required for the design

First of all – a thin brush. It's very easy to draw. If you do not have a professional tool at your fingertips, then an artistic brush will do. It only needs a little to thin, so that it becomes thin.

To draw a kiss on the nails, you will also need paint. Preferably acrylic. It dries quickly, easily lays down, has an extensive color scheme. It is not necessary to purchase a whole set of colors for the sake of one drawing. In art shops, one can buy tubes with acrylic paint one by one.

If you are going to make an unusual design with sequins, for example, you need to purchase the sequins separately. In the nail art, special microscopic glitter is used. They are called a microspray or a glider. Special glue they do not require, because they are easily fixed on the nail polish.

Step by step drawing

Saw nails, treat them with a degreaser. For this purpose, suitable means for removing nail polish without acetone. Go through the surface with a grinding nail file, making the surface of the nail bed perfectly smooth and smooth. Apply the foundation for the manicure, let it dry completely. All these actions will allow your manicure to last a long enough time.

Apply a base color on the nails. If you want to make a design with a micro-dust, then it should be applied on a low lacquer. It is recommended to spray the spangles with a fan brush. If it is not in the arsenal, then the brush for powder is suitable. Lightly spray the spangles on the nails, blow off excess. Allow the varnish to dry, then cover the nails with a colorless varnish to drown the sequins in it.

Decide on which nail you will draw the imprint of the lips. The picture on nameless fingers looks most profitable. No less spectacular is the design, where the kiss is drawn on the nails of the thumbs, and the rest are simply decorated with ornament or sparkles.

To begin to draw a kiss on the nails is better from the bottom. Draw first on the paper the lower lip of the lipstick, then the top lip. Such training will help you to choose the optimal size of sponges, and also to keep the brush correctly. Repeat the manipulation already on the nails. If necessary, acrylic paint is easy to rinse off the nails, if the picture is not given the first time. After drawing the picture, allow it to dry, coat with a manicure fixer.

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