How to do the right hair

How to do the right hair
Nachesy come back! Eclecticism of modern fashion, its universality is once again raised nachetsy to the top of popularity. High curvy hairstyles are very popular with women all over the world. With the help of nap, you can make even the most thin and rare hair bulky. Naches can be done on the entire head and on a part of the strands and only on the bangs. To lift the hair at the base, they only scratch them a quarter of the roots. If you aspire to become the owner of a smart mane, then you need to comb your hair along the entire length. Only in any case, you need to do it right.

You will need
  • Comb with rare teeth
  • Comb with frequent teeth
  • Comb with short teeth
  • Mousse for hair
  • Hair spray
Перед созданием начеса нужно to wash голову и тщательно высушить hair. Do not make hair on wet hair. So they are very damaged and at the same time hairstyle fast collapses. Keep in mind that the greasy hair becomes slippery and the hair on them will not last long. Difficult to comb hard straight hair. But fluffy and delicate hair can easily be laid flat.

* To create a lush Hairstyles You will need a comb with sparse teeth and a strand divider, and to give volume at the roots use a toothbrush with frequent teeth.
* Before stripping, separate the strand volos from above, which you will not scratch to this hair then give your hair a natural look.
* For hair designed for naches, you must apply mousse for styling. Nacheski begins with the occipital part of the head. A strand of hair width 2-2,5 cm, pull and hold it at right angles, energetically operate the comb, combing the hair from the roots to the tips. So scratch at first all the locks on the back of your head, then with sides. Finish the hair in front strands. For better fixation, fix each strand with varnish. Just do not apply too much layer, otherwise the hair can fall off. When the varnish dries, cover with a strand that was left without a fleece, and smooth with a brush that has short teeth. Then form hairstyle и снова закрепите лаком.

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