How to do the correction of the nails with gel

How to do the correction of the nails with gel
Accurate, well-groomed marigolds give charm to the hands. But sometimes it is very difficult to grow long nails, so females use build-up nails. This procedure is currently widespread. But just increasing the nails is not enough, we also need to take care of them, in other words – to do correction.

Correction of the nail gel – это наложение геля на отросшую часть ногтя. Коррекция должна проводиться раз в 2-3 недели, в зависимости от роста вашей ногтевой пластины.

Correction of nails is done in the following order. In the beginning, hand should be treated with special disinfectants and remove the old lacquer coating, if any.

Then gently move the cuticle off the nail plate so that when correcting the nail, do not damage it, while using a softening agent behind the cuticle. Remember that during the correction it is undesirable to use the cutting pliers (only in case of emergency). After that, with a special file, treat the sites of gel detachment from the nail plate or its deformation. You need to do this very carefully, so as not to damage the "living" nail. Clean, dry and glue this part.

The next step – with the help of a file, remove some of the material from the nails, and the movements of the file should be parallel to the location of the nail. Then it is necessary to disinfect the nails and treat them with special means that do not have a negative effect and maintain the normal state of the nail plate.

After these preparatory stages, lay out the material, using a fingernail for each nail (do not use more than normal). The gel should not come into contact with the skin of the fingers. It is also not recommended to apply the gel immediately to several nails, you need to work with each nail separately. Then the nails should be lowered into a special lamp (in the order of application of the gel), in it the gel hardens for 20 seconds. After applying the gel to all fingers, place your hands in the lamp for another 2 minute to fix the result.

In the end, treat the lined material with a saw so that the nails are even and neat. The surface of the nail should shine. Then you need to wash your hands and apply the lacquer, as well as means of softening and protecting not only for the nails, but also for the hands. Correction can be completed with a massage of hands.

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