How to do Thai massage

How to do Thai massage
Thai massage is one of the most ancient and effective methods of Thai medicine. It is significantly different from the traditional massage that Europeans are used to. Thai massage techniques are a complex system, which includes stretching, pressing, twisting.

The Thai massage system has developed over a thousand years, so there are different opinions about how it is necessary делать Thai massage. There are at least two different styles, including various techniques.

Do a Thai massage is more correct not on the table, but on mats designed specifically for this procedures. The patient lays down on the mat, and the master begins to click on the desired areas. In doing so, he uses his fingers, palms, elbows, wrists, as well as knees and feet.

In time Thai massage the master pays special attention to the hands, legs, back, and also the area belly, which is responsible for the functioning of internal organs. The session is not held according to a certain template, but is built on the wishes and needs of each client individually.

The masseur during the procedure acts on the points at which invisible energy lines intersect, thereby eliminating the cause of a possible disease and putting in order the energy man. Traditional massage does not use creams or Oil, sometimes used extracts of herbs, which should enhance the effect of massage. The session takes two to three hours, since it is necessary that the muscle training be really deep.

The master always starts делать massage from the limbs, then goes to the body, and then returns again. Movement is directed from the legs to head. The procedure begins with mild receptions and gradually turns into more intense ones. The masseur must work the entire body, only in this case the procedure will indeed have an effect.

The benefits of Thai massage

You can speak about the merits of Thai massage for a long time. It helps to relieve tension and muscle clamps, normalizes the nervous system, restores balance body. Also, this procedure helps to eliminate toxins and toxins – this is due to improved blood circulation. Proper massage can relieve stress, help in the fight against depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks to the development of the spine, the posture is corrected, and the pinched nerves cease to hurt.


Of course, there are certain contraindications. It is recommended to refrain from Thai massage during pregnancy, as well as fractures and osteoporosis. Contraindications are also oncology, heart problems and high blood pressure. Naturally, you should not record for a massage session if you have an infectious skin disease.



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