How to do sugar hair removal

How to do sugar hair removal
Many girls are wondering how to do the sugar hair removal (shugaring). Shugaring, like any other kind of epilation, is painful, so not everyone dares to do it. But if you decide to do sugar epilation, then you should familiarize yourself with the rules of this procedure. Algorithm for carrying out sugar epilation

Prepare a special sugar syrup. For this, take sugar, water and lemon juice. All this mix (tablespoon of water, juice from half a lemon, ten tablespoons of sugar), bring to a boil, stirring.

Boil the syrup on low heat for ten minutes. Then the paste should cool down to an acceptable temperature (it is good to distribute the skin, but do not stick to the hands). Roll the ball out of sugar syrup.

Wipe the lotion with a place on the skin where you plan to remove hair, this is necessary for degreasing. Roll the ball out of sugar syrup against hair growth.

Теперь самая ужасная часть экзекуции: натяните одной рукой skin, the other – tear the paste along the direction of hair growth along with the hair (parallel to the skin). In fact, nothing so terrible in this. The remains of the syrup are easily washed off.

Оставшуюся сахарную пасту можно хранить до следующего slouching in a refrigerator. If you reapply it, you will need to warm it up.

Учтите, что кожа в местах удаления волосков должна быть здоровой и чистой (without acne, moles, scratches). This method of hair removal is contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus.

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