How to do "smokey ice"

How to do "smokey ice"
Beautiful smoky eye makeup is suitable for any type of appearance and a variety of situations. Everything depends on the choice of shades, their saturation and the texture of the products. But whichever version of the "Icy Ice" you prefer, the main thing is to apply the makeup correctly, so that the effective make-up is preserved as long as possible.

You will need
  • – base under the shadow;
  • – a set of brushes and applicators;
  • – white shadows;
  • – Dark shadows in one scale;
  • – soft pencil or eyeliner;
  • – waterproof pencil;
  • – concealer;
  • – mascara;
  • – artificial eyelashes in bundles;
  • – curling irons for eyelashes.
Stuff in the skin around the eyes a little base for make-up in cream or gel. Wait for complete absorption – this will take no more than a minute. The base will not let the shadows and pencil roll down and gather in the folds of the eyelids.

Apply on all eyelid white shadows – with their help it will be more convenient to mix dark shades. Choose the color of the future haze. The classic version implies a gray or brown scale, but you can try fashionable colored smokeys using green, blue or purple shadows.

Оттенок средней насыщенности нанесите на верхнее веко от линии ресниц до складки. Тем же цветом подчеркните нижнее веко, ведя линию от внутреннего уголка глаза к внешнему. Продлите линии за контур глаза. Их можно немного приподнять, этот прием актуален для опущенных уголков глаз.

Dial dark shadows on the applicator and place them in the crease of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. Rub the lines, if necessary, adding more shadows. You can vary the intensity of the haze – the more layers of shadows will be laid, the more bright and deep will make up.

Bring your eyes down using a pencil or eyeliner on a creamy base. Use a brush or a very thin latex applicator. Do not forget about the inner corners of the eyes – they should also be circled. With a thin waterproof pencil, draw the inner eyelid. If you have very sensitive eyes or you wear contact lenses, this method can be discarded.

Whisk the grains of shadows from the skin. The area under the eyes is masked with a soft creamy concealer with a yellowish tone, it perfectly covers the bruises and redness, as well as fine wrinkles. Makeup in the style of "Smokey Ice" will draw everyone's attention to your eyes, so the skin around them should look perfect.

In conclusion, make up eyelashes with two layers of black, dark brown or dark blue mascara. If your own eyelashes are short and sparse, glue a couple of bunches of artificial hairs at the outer corners of the eyes. Straight eyelashes can be curled with special forceps, giving a beautiful bend.

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