How to do paraffin therapy

How to do paraffin therapy
Paraffinotherapy is the most pleasant of cosmetic procedures. The gentle warmth of hot paraffin has a wonderful effect on the skin, rejuvenating, softening it, eliminating the peeling and giving the effect of satin smoothness. Paraffinotherapy – a procedure to date very popular in beauty salons. But it can be done at home. Most often, paraffin baths are used to care for the skin of the hands.

You will need
  • – Cosmetic paraffin;
  • – steam bath;
  • – dishes;
  • – scrub, soap;
  • – полиэтиленовые пакеты (2 штуки);
  • – меховые или махровые рукавички.
Поставьте парафин на водяную баню, положив кусок в кастрюлю с высокими стенками (better enameled). Wait until it completely melts (while its temperature reaches the optimal 50-55 degrees).

While the paraffin melts, prepare for procedure. Wash your hands with normal soap, а затем обработайте их кожу scrub. After that, apply on the palm of your hand moisturizing cream.

Памятуя о царе, который «бух в котел – и в нем сварился», не опускайте руки в парафин сразу. Проведите тест на «температуротерпимость», капнув расплавленный парафин на тыльную сторону ладони.

If the experiment did not bring any discomfort, immerse the wrists in the paraffin on the wrist for 10 seconds. Take it out, hold it for a few seconds (the paraffin stiffens slightly), then immerse it again. Repeat the procedure with a dive-"floating" 6-8 times. The brush is covered with a thick layer of paraffin wax.

Then put on covered paraffin brushes polyethylene, on top – terry (woolen) mittens (you can just wrap it warm towel) и блаженствуйте около получаса. Через полчаса снимите рукавицы, полиэтилен, аккуратно удалите парафин (направление – от основания brushes к fingers). Всё, procedure finished.

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