How to do massage in the bath

How to do massage in the bath
It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Russian paired Massage for good health. Massage with a broom helps to tone up the blood circulation, speed up cleansing of the body of toxins, thanks to increased sweating. In addition, the use of various brooms, helps to cope with some chronic diseases. Basic techniques Massage This is a broom in a broom: stirring, stroking, lashing. To receive from Massage the maximum benefit, it is better to go to the bath with a partner.

You will need
  • – Dry sheets;
  • – two brooms;
  • – mittens;
  • – terry sheet;
  • – felt headdress.
Lay the partner on the shelves. Pre-bed a dry sheet. On your head put on a felt bath hat to prevent overheating.

Dip the broom into cold water, then sprinkle your partner's body with cold-hot sprays. All massage movements are performed from the periphery to the center. Therefore, move from the tips of your legs to the heart area. Work broom, as a fan. Do not touch the skin, the waves of dry hot air will quickly warm up the muscles and prepare for further procedures.

Tightly press a hot broom to the ankles and wipe the body in the direction from heels to the neck. Move the broom along the spine. Repeat the sprinkling of the body with cold water and repeat the wiping from the other leg and along the spine to the neck. This procedure relieves tension in the muscles of the back.

Take the second broom. Give in a pair. Slap at the same time with two brooms on each side of the partner. Patches should be gentle. Highly raise brooms to capture hot steam. Move from the heels to the chest, then from the hands over your shoulders to your chest. Slap for 1-2 minutes

Give a maximum pair. Grasp one broom with hot air and sharply lower it on the partner's back. With a second broom, press it against the body. Hold the brooms for 10-20 seconds. Now change the brooms and hit another place. Do the poultices, moving all over the body. If there are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you can stay in these places. Take care that the partner does not get burned.

Снова выполните двойное обтирание и переверните партнера на спину.

Repeat all procedures on the chest и abdomen. Make sure that the temperature is lower, these areas of the human body are more sensitive to hot air.

After finishing the massage, moisten both brooms in cold water. Press on 15-20 seconds one broom to the heart area, and put the second on your face. This will calm your heartbeat.

Отдохните в течение 5-10 минут в предбаннике. Отдыхайте лежа, приподняв ноги. Укройте тело сухой махровой простыней или одеялом. Когда пульс вернется в норму, возвращайтесь в парилку и повторите весь сеанс Massage.

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