How to do hair removal with Brazilian wax

How to do hair removal with Brazilian wax
Brazilian hair removal for many years remains the most popular type of hair removal in the intimate zone. World stars of cinema, television, models and simply fashionable women caring for their bodies, choose Brazilian hair removal to look at all one hundred percent. The procedure of wax Brazilian hair removal was first introduced in 1987 in a beauty salon, which was opened by seven sisters of Brazilian origin on the island of Manhattan in New York. This procedure is still the most popular method of hair removal in the US. Brazilian hair removal differs from the usual wax epilation in that the specialist removes hair in the intimate area completely: on the pubic, on the pubic labia и between the buttocks. Sometimes a small strip in the pubic zone is left at the request of the client. This procedure has an average degree of complexity and lasts about 15-30 minutes.

Ingrown hair is one of the side effects of wax epilation. Regularly use body scrubs with salicylic or glycolic acid. Redness or red dots can be treated with hydrocortisone ointment.

How to make Brazilian hair removal

Since the complete removal of intimate hair in domestic conditions it is better to turn to professionals. In the office of the cosmetologist you will be offered to put on disposable paper or fabric panties and lie down on the couch. To begin with, the beautician selectively applies talc so that the wax does not stick to the skin. Then he distributes the heated wax with a wooden spatula to the hair removal zone, pastes the fabric strip, presses it against the hair, and then, when the wax cools, tears it away against the hair growth.

Обычно работа начинается с лобковой зоны, а заканчивается ягодицами. Возможно, вас попросят помочь придержать складки кожи руками. Так как бразильская эпиляция предполагает наличие вертикальной полоски на лобке, в конце работы косметолог может предложить вам сделать дизайн оставшихся волос, окрасить их или даже нанести татуировку временными чернилами. После окончания работы на всю интимную зону наносятся успокаивающие косметические средства.

To avoid ingrown hairs, apply soft body scrubs. Brazilian hair removal should be repeated every 2-4 weeks. Each time the procedure will be easier to transfer. If a true professional works, wax hair removal should not be too painful. But if you feel uncomfortable, ask the beautician to remove hair in small portions.

Brazilian wax epilation is best done in the middle of the monthly cycle.

How to prepare for Brazilian hair removal

For successful epilation, it is required that the length of the hair is at least about 0,5 cm. If the hair is too long, then the cosmetician can align them with an electric razor or trimmer. But if the hair length is less than 5 mm, you will be sent home, as the wax will not be able to completely capture the short hair. Depilation waxing always painful, especially the first time. If you have a low pain threshold, you may need to take an anesthetic one hour before the procedure. The hair removal zone can be treated with local anesthetics for 45 minutes before hair removal.

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