How to do depilation

How to do depilation
Depilation, and in other words, hair removal with a razor, the most common method of getting rid of hair, in undesirable for their growth places. Depilation is made by any kind of shaving machines or with the help of a cream, but it is considered not as effective as hair removal, which is aimed at removing the root of the hair follicle itself.

Depilation with a shaving machine.

A few days before depilation treat the area you were about to shave, body scrub. This will help prevent ingrowth volos after shaving, since the scrub removes the dead skin cells, because of which the ingrowth of the hair occurs. Do depilation preferably in the morning. It is in the morning that the skin is more elastic and less prone to cuts.

Moisten the skin with water.
Apply a foam or shaving gel and lightly slow movements of the machine start shaving the hair. Shave hair you can both by their growth, and against. Shaving against hair growth causes their ingrowth more often than in growth. But the skin stays smoother longer.
After depilation, rinse the foam from the skin and rinse the razor well.

Skin the skin with special moisturizing creams after shaving. There are also creams that slow hair growth. They are applied after the depilation procedure, they perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, accelerate the healing process of skin micro cuts.

You can make depilation with special creams.
Apply the cream on dry skin.

Wait a few minutes, usually in the instructions that are attached to the cream written, how much time to keep.

Using a special spatula, remove the cream from the skin. It is important not to overexpose the cream on the skin, otherwise there may be burns and redness.

Rinse the skin with water and treat with a moisturizer.

Wax strips are quite effective.
Put them on your skin and use a sharp hand to remove it. growth hair. The procedure is quite painless, since in composition waxand includes special substances that contribute to the removal of pain, but this only applies to the more expensive wax strips. Hair after use is growing slowly and becomes a little thinner.

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