How to do anti-cellulite massage

How to do anti-cellulite massage
Cellulite is a common phenomenon on the buttocks, hips and even the upper parts of the hands. It arises from the disturbed metabolism of fluid in the body. Anti-cellulite massage heats the muscles and promotes the burning of fatty deposits. Also, thanks to massage, the body gets rid of toxins.

You will need
  • Special brush, honey.
There is a misconception that the fat cells are disintegrating from the hands of the massage therapist. However, it is impossible to drive extra pounds: they can only be burned. When the problem tissues are kneaded, there is an acceleration of the metabolism between the intercellular fluid and the cell. As a result, the exchange products are removed from the intercellular space. This, in turn, prevents the formation of stagnant phenomena. For an anti-cellulite massage, buy a brush with soft bristles and a comfortable handle. It is desirable that the bristles are natural. Before beginning the massage, wash the new brush with soap and dry it.

Massage the brush only on dry skin. Begin the movements with the feet and gradually move to the buttocks. During the movement, combine circular rotation with grinding in the direction of the muscle fibers. The procedure for massaging the upper body: from the palms to the armpits, then go to the back and shoulders, and then to the stomach. At first, massage gently and do not overdo it. The time of the massage: 5 minutes or slightly more. When the skin gets used to this effect, buy a brush with a stiffer bristle.

Another type of anti-cellulite massage is with honey. It improves the general condition of the skin, increases its tone and elasticity. For massage use floral or lime honey. Take it in the palm of your hand and warm it up a little. Then apply patting movements to the places where cellulite accumulated. Wait until the honey is absorbed into the skin. Continue neat, but effective pats. As a result, a fatty mass starts to appear from the body, which has a white color. If it sticks to your hands, wash your hands and continue the massage until the white mixture ceases to stand out. After the massage, use the shower to wash off the remains of sticky honey. To achieve a therapeutic effect, at least 15 sessions are required.

Proceed to massage only when the muscles of the body are relaxed. The movements during massage should be easy and smooth. Start with slow pats and gradually increase the tempo. Perform an anti-cellulite massage at least once a week. Regular procedures are the most important condition for getting rid of cellulite as soon as possible.

During the massage, use different techniques. Stroking – arbitrary finger movements in a specific area of ??the body. With the help of stroking, the muscles warm up. Therefore, this technique is used at the beginning and at the end of any massage. Rubbing is a more intense kind of stroking. With it, the fingers are very widely spaced, and during the movement they fit tightly to the skin. Patches – impacts of varying intensity. Apply your punches with your fingers, clenched into a fist. Pressing can be deep or shallow. Take a piece of leather with your hands and knead it like a dough. Special massage techniques enhance skin tone, promote the removal of toxins from the body.

Massage against cellulite can in no case be performed if there are any lesions, wounds, scratches and inflammation on the skin. In addition, the procedure is prohibited for varicose veins and heart disease.

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