How to do a drainage massage

How to do a drainage massage
In the cold season, when the epidemic of colds and broncho-pulmonary diseases begins, the question is how to treat or reduce painful manifestations. Excellent drainage massage is an effective remedy against debilitating cold cough and bronchitis. The main thing is to be able to properly conduct it.

Before the massage, be sure to bathe the patient in the bathroom (warm, but not hot!). Do not do drainage massage during fever, and also in the morning after eating. Be sure to wrap the person in a blanket, blanket or shawl after the end of the procedure. Let him lie down for at least half an hour.

Massage twice a day. The morning session should be performed on an empty stomach, and the evening session before going to bed, after a bath and dinner. Start the massage in 15-25 minutes after the person has eaten.

Water in the bathroom should be gradually heated, so that by the end of the water procedures it was about 40 ° C. It is then necessary to wipe well with a towel. Then proceed to massage.

Lay the patient on the stomach, placing a comfortable cushion under the neck. The face should be turned downwards, thus it should without effort and a dyscomfort to breathe. Slightly stroke along the back and along the ribs, and then back off from the vertebrae from both sides by two fingers and begin pinching movements. Move wavy in the direction of the neck and shoulders from the middle of the back. You need to make twenty such waves.

Now back off at a the same distance (in two fingers), and then repeat another twenty "waves". Massaging in the second approach will be on each side, but try not to start "waves" in the armpits.

The next approach is warming up. With palms firmly pressed to the back, walk twenty times, making rubbing movements. The direction of your hands should be to the shoulders, not from the shoulders.

Заключительный этап – вибрация. Поставьте ладони ребром и начинайте постукивания по диагонали. Удары должны приходиться на лопаточную часть спины (наискосок). Направление аналогичное – к плечам. Общая продолжительность дренажного массажа – 15-20 минут.

Обязательно проветривайте комнату перед процедурой. После дренажа хорошо бы поставить компресс. Пусть больной полежит в теплой постели полчаса after a massage, wrapped in a wool blanket.

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