How to do a chemical wave of eyelashes

How to do a chemical wave of eyelashes
Unfortunately, not all women can boast of long and thick eyelashes. One way to remedy this deficiency is chemical perm. Despite the fact that there are on sale kits for the procedure at home, it is recommended only to professionals to trust it. With inept use of chemicals, damage to the mucous membrane of the eye and the appearance of allergic reactions are possible.

You will need
  • – Make-up remover for eyes;
  • – tonic for the eye area;
  • — ватные диски;
  • – paper napkin;
  • – curlers for eyelashes;
  • – special glue;
  • – A wooden stick;
  • – modeling cream;
  • — вазелин;
  • — нейтрализатор;
  • – distilled water
Apply a special milk to remove makeup on the cotton pad. Gently clean the skin of the eyelids. Remove the remnants of the product using a tonic that does not contain oil. Thoroughly pat the skin with a soft paper towel.

Choose suitable curlers – their size depends on the length of the eyelashes. Carefully remove the curlers from the bag, trying as little as possible to touch the fingers of their surface. Slightly bend, giving them a U-shape.

Apply the glue on the eyelid along the line of growth of the eyelashes and let it dry for 30 seconds.

Положите бигуди на верхнее веко, расположив их у основания ресниц. Убедитесь в том, что они хорошо прилегают. Нанесите клей и оставьте на 30 секунд.

Take a wooden wand and gently twirl each eyelash on the curler, starting from its root. Make sure that all eyelashes are tightly fixed on the roller and are not glued together.

Возьмите ватный диск и слегка увлажните его. Обильно смажьте вазелином ресницы нижнего века и уложите на них сложенный вдвое ватный диск. Это предохранит глаза от воздействия моделирующего крема.

Gently lift the upper eyelid and make sure that the lower eyelashes are not stuck.

Apply the modeling cream on the curlers with a cotton swab. If for a wave длинных ресниц too thin curlers are used, then the composition should be applied only to the roots. Leave the cream on 12-15 minutes. If eyelashes were recently painted, then the time of action of the modeling composition should be reduced.

Remove the remnants of the modeling cream with a dry cotton swab. Carefully apply neutralizer and leave for 10 minutes.

Wet a clean cotton swab in distilled water and remove the remains of the neutralizer. In order to remove the curlers, lightly push them down.

Remove any debris and glue with a moistened cotton pad. Such a wave will last for 4-8 weeks.

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