How to distinguish real cosmetics from forgery

How to distinguish real cosmetics from forgery
The market of cosmetics is very wide today, and making a purchase, you can make a mistake and get a fake, which will not only be of poor quality, but may even harm your health. To get real cosmetics, it is important to be very attentive to many details.

Pay attention to where is sold cosmetics. If you are going to purchase it in street stalls or in the market, then chances to meet forgery there increase many times. Buy cosmetics only in specialized stores.

Look at how and in what quantity the makeup is laid out on the counter. If numerous tubes and boxes are simply dumped by a mountain, do not buy the goods from this seller. Those who trade really high-quality cosmetics, monitors for the state of its windows and with respect to customers, so the cosmetics in their departments are laid out very carefully, one tube of each kind, sometimes even grouped by its properties, type of product or firm-manufacturer.

The next step is to pay attention to the price. Good cosmetics well-known brands will never be sold for a penny. Do not chase a cheap product, because, as you know, the miser pays twice, and in the case of buying substandard cosmetics you can pay with your health.

Now study the packaging of the goods. Good cosmetics always have a paper box in addition to a plastic tube, which should not be minty, shabby or torn. The package should not be washed away with paint, cracks, scratches or glue marks. The name of the manufacturer must be written in a clear font without spelling mistakes. Scammers producing counterfeits, often just swap a few letters in the name of a well-known brand and, on the one hand, bypass the law, and on the other, make a mark familiar (by ear) for Buyer. In addition, on boxes with quality cosmetics, the composition, storage conditions, lot number and shelf life are always indicated. All this information is easy to read, not blurry and does not have any corrections and errors.

Ask the seller if there are any for you brand catalogs-exhibitions. Manufacturers quality cosmetics usually supply them with specialized stores.

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