How to distinguish a fake gold

How to distinguish a fake gold
Quite often you can hear the phrase "Not everything is gold that glitters." Moving away from allegories, it is worth noting that in everyday life and gold may not be the "yellow devil", which is worth a lot of money, but only an artfully executed fake.

You will need
  • – table vinegar
  • – iodine
  • – ceramic tile
Lower the product into table vinegar. If after some time the product will take a darker shade, then this says about what is before you counterfeit: the present gold does not change the color.

Dropping a small amount of iodine on the gold product and waiting a few minute, you found that gold did not change color, – so before you a real gold product. Forgery against iodine darkens.

Rub the gold product on the ceramic tile. The density of unbaked ceramic tiles is almost twice the density Gold. Поэтому настоящее золотое изделие оставит на плитке золотой след. А подделка оставит лишь gray и Black царапины.

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