How to dissolve the dried varnish

How to dissolve the dried varnish
To make the nail plates look attractive and well-groomed, women often use varnished varnishes to coat their nails. However, the latter, regardless of their quality and cost, eventually become more dense and wither. If your favorite lacquer has thickened, you can dilute it to restore its original consistency.

Methods of diluting the dried nail polish

To dilute the dried varnish, women use a variety of methods, however some of the methods are quite harmful for the remedy itself and for the nails. Sometimes the following method helps: the bottle is placed in hot water and under the influence of high temperature the agent slightly dilutes. However, this does not always happen.

Some means can be badly damaged by varnish. Under their influence, it is divided into a coloring base and an oily liquid. And the use of such liquids as a means to remove varnish or acetone, can adversely affect the condition of the nail plates and cause:
– brittle or yellow nails;
– stratification or poor growth of nail plates;
– loss of natural gloss of the surface of the nail plates.

To keep your nails in a healthy state, you should use gentle means, which are specifically designed to dilute thickened varnish. They have an affordable price, and also significantly extend the life of the lacquer.

A means for diluting the dried varnish

Many women do not know that there is a special liquid product available for dilution of thickened varnish, including completely withered. Unlike folk "proven" means, it is completely harmless to the nail plates, because it does not contain acetone.

A special liquid for diluting the dried varnish has many advantages compared to other solvents, since it:
– has a low cost;
– makes the consistency of nail polish homogeneous;
– does not impair the quality of the varnish;
– does not have a negative effect on the nails;
– is in a bottle with a thin spout, which is convenient for use;
– Possessing a strong effect, is able to dilute even very dried lacquer.

It is enough to add a few drops of such a liquid, and the varnish acquires the initial density and again becomes suitable for creating a manicure.

However, there is one drawback in this tool: it is possible to dilute the varnish only once, and its actions last only for one month. After this time, the lacquer will thicken again, and if you try to dilute it with liquid again, it will be heterogeneous and lose its quality. And then buying a new varnish can not be avoided.

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