How to disguise freckles

How to disguise freckles
To a phenomenon like freckles, girls are treated differently: some love them and emphasize in every way, while others try to destroy them in every possible way. If you think that freckles make your face less attractive, you do not need to resort to radical methods of getting rid of pigmentation, you can try just to lighten them a little and disguise.

You will need
  • -parsley;
  • -lemon juice;
  • -cucumber;
  • -kefir;
  • -carrot;
  • -olive oil;
  • -honey.
Rub your face with parsley infusion. For its preparation 2 teaspoons of greens pour a glass of boiling water. Insist three hours, then strain. Wipe your face in the morning, afternoon and evening. Store infusion should be in the refrigerator, but not больше недели.

Каждую веснушку смазывайте соком лимона при помощи палочки с ваткой. Минут через 20 смойте.

Наложите на лицо маску. Натрите на терке огурец, добавьте столовую ложку кефира, перемешайте и нанесите на 20 минут на лицо, а затем умойтесь теплой водой.

Try to mask the freckles with carrots. Grind the carrots on a grater, wipe the face and neck with it. The juice should dry on the skin. And then massage the face, moisturizing it with olive oil. It is also advised to drink a glass of carrot juice and a tablespoon of honey daily, claiming that after that the face will have a light tan color, against which freckles will be less noticeable.

Для маскировки веснушек не стоит использовать толстый слой тонального крема. Проблемы вы не решите, а лицо будет похоже на маску. Лучше выберите прозрачный тональный крем, который сможет выровнять тон кожи, придаст ей матовость и сделает лицо мягче.

You can also mask the freckles with the corrector. Apply this tool point-wise on freckles and patting movements to blend. After soaking again, apply a corrector. This remedy should be matched in tone to the skin, but slightly lighter than it. From above you can powder your face with a thin layer of crumbly, transparent powder.

"Hide" freckles will help you day cream with the effect self-tanning: apply it in a thin layer and carefully blend over the face and neck.

To match the complexion, try using a terracotta or flickering powder.

Ярко накрасьте глаза и ресницы – это отвлечет взгляд from freckles. The eyelids should be green or blue in color. Mascara choose black or the same shade as the contour pencil. Contours make clear. Lips should be dyed in red или насыщенный розовый цвета, в зависимости от вашего цветотипа, стиля и цветового решения наряда, а щеки – в розовый или кораллово-красный. Помните, что коричневые оттенки не для вас, они могут создать впечатление, что ваше лицо грязное.

To lighten freckles, you can use the services of beauty salons that offer chemical peeling, laser, dermabrasion, photorejuvenation, etc. But such procedures have contraindications, so before using them, consult a dermatologist.

Freckles will appear less if you avoid direct sunlight, with scorching sun wearing wide-brimmed hats and using sunscreen.

Include in your diet vitamins C and PP, which slow down the formation of melanin and relieve freckles.

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