How to discolor the lips

How to discolor the lips
The owners of too bright lips sometimes resort to their discoloration. The lighter tone is chosen by those who are accustomed to pastel make-up, or those who put on the face make-up or bright lipstick.

Decide on how long you need to discolor your lips. As clarifying agents for the foundation for evening make-up, which should last for several hours on the face, powder, a tonal cream of a solid shade or a face-to-face corrector will do. Gently, apply a thin layer of the selected remedy on the lips, starting from the middle and moving to the contour. Mold the edges so that the transition from the color of the lips to the color of the skin around them is almost invisible. Then cover the discolored lips with lipstick or make-up of the shade you need.

Use firm, so-called "developing" lipsticks, if you want to gradually achieve a lighter shade of the lips and do not have to resort to permanent make-up. The chemical elements contained in such lipsticks destroy the bright pigmentation, making the lips more faded. However, to achieve the desired effect with developing lipsticks should be used daily for a long time. Please note that such lipsticks greatly dry the skin, therefore, in parallel with their use, it is necessary to moisturize lips with the help of hygienic lipsticks and special wax.

Get a special clarifying cream that suits the owners of the natural dark shade of the lips. The biocomponents contained in such creams help to prevent darkening and saturate the skin with moisture due to the increased content of antioxidants. Similar products offer some professional lines of cosmetic products, you can find them in pharmacies or on specialized websites on the Internet (and order an order there).

Consult the specialists on permanent make-up and choose the pigment suitable for your skin. Dark brown lips brighten red, orange and beige tint, however, only a professional should combine the colors to get the desired result. Before the session, perform a test for a possible skin allergic reaction: apply a drop of the selected pigment to the scalp, then take a thin needle and make a small scratch on the place of application. If in ten minutes the skin turns red and starts to swell and itch, this paint is contraindicated to you.

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