How to dilute mascara

How to dilute mascara
Of course, it is always better to use a new ink, if the old dried up. But there are several ways that will help you in emergency situations to do makeup without spending extra time and money.

In order for the dried ink could на ресницы, ее нужно развести до кашицеобразного состояния. Сделать это можно с помощью средств, которые всегда у вас под рукой.

Take any drops that reduce redness and relieve eye fatigue. Open the tube and gently drip in the remedy. Do this until the brush, which is lowered into the tube, becomes wet. it soThat ink sufficiently softened and it can be applied to the cilia.

Instead of eye drops, you can use a make-up remover from the eyes or face. Do not use the product for oily skin, as it will further dry your skin. ink.
How to dilute the <strong> mascara </ strong>

if you have tonic for face and neck skin, dilute ink them. Only carefully read the label first. Tonic should not contain alcohol: first, because ethanol will make your eyelashes dry и ломкими, а во-вторых, ink моментально засохнет и ее придется plant again and again. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to add vodka or cognac to the paint.

Another way – put the tube in a glass with warm, almost hot, water. Under the influence of temperature ink will restore the lost softness.

All these ways can be used as a last resort. It is better to replace ink to a new one. As doctors – cosmetologists and dermatologists, do not advise to stretch a tube of a carcass longer, than on 2 month. The fact is that with prolonged use in the paint, harmful bacteria are formed that can cause various conjunctivitis and allergic reactions. therefore better change your ink Every 2 – 2,5 months. Especially now that constantly appear novelties and perhaps with their help you will discover new facets of eye makeup.
How to dilute the <strong> mascara </ strong>

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