How to dilute lacquer

How to dilute lacquer
Лак for nails gradually thickens and begins to lie badly on the nail plate. Sometimes he just refuses to dry out when it's so necessary and he has to be washed. People who have a lot of lacquers, notice that they quickly come to an unfit state. But it can be corrected in a few minutes.

Do not try use solvent or nail polish remover. Buy in any cosmetic shop a special liquid, her composition as close as possible to the varnish basis and will not spoil you coating for nails. Acetone and other liquids can degrade the color, dissolve the sequins and in general spoil your favorite lacquer, and also negatively impact on your health. nails.

Look at how much the varnish has dried. If it's strong, add a little more facilities для разбавления, а если чуть-чуть, то капните 1-2 капельки прямо во флакон и плотно закрутите колпачок.

Thoroughly shake the bottles and leave it for 5 minutes, so that the small lumps of varnish disperse. Then once again shake vigorously and you can start painting your nails. If you notice that the varnish has become too liquid – do not be scared, open the lid and let it fade away a little, the liquid evaporates and you can safely apply surface coating nail.

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