How to determine the type of a shape

How to determine the type of a shape
How often, after looking at the store a nice dress, overalls or coats, we are disappointed, as soon as we put it on ourselves – it's overtaken, there – hangs. "Not according to the figure", people say. What does it mean? And how to determine your type of figure to emphasize virtues and hide flaws? One attentive look at yourself in the mirror, and …

If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, beautiful Waist, thin neck, flat tummy, small chest, but full beautiful hips, your figure type is a pear (or triangle). And in this case, choose clothes that emphasize your top and hide the bottom.

If you have a full-fledged figure, The volume Breast almost the same as the waist, and all the eaten "settles" at the hips и abdomen – The type of your figure is an apple (oval). Here the advice is – focus on foot and breasts and hide the stomach.

If you have a beautiful proportional figure, beautiful shoulders, feminine hips and thin exquisite waist is your type of hourglass. Do not hide this beauty behind blouses with frill or wide dresses.

Если же талия у вас не так заметна, бедра и грудь примерно одинаковы, ваш тип – прямоугольник. Вам нужно добавлять женственности в образ, и пышные юбки, Dresses и корсеты подадут вашу фигуру в выигрышном свете.

If you are the owner of powerful shoulders, a good waist, but narrow thighs, your type is the wrong triangle. Never wear blouses with ruffles and frill pieces that emphasize the upper part of the body, but trousers with pockets will advantageously serve your bottom.

And no matter what your type of figure, remember that you are still the most charming and attractive!

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