How to determine the type of a shape

How to determine the type of a shape
Every girl wants to look attractive and stylish. To do this, it is necessary to choose the right clothes, starting from the type of figure that nature has given you. There are no ideal female figures, but knowing the peculiarities of your type, you will be able to emphasize the strongest points most advantageously and at the same time work with small flaws.

The classification of types of female figures is based on the parameters of the proportional ratio of the width of the shoulders and hips.

The first type is "Grusha". For this type figures characterized by very rounded hips and relatively narrow плечи. Талия почти всегда имеет выраженную узкую форму. Жир при данном типе фигуры, как правило, скапливается в районе бедер и ягодиц, потому стоит обратить должное внимание на силовые физические упражнения, такие как приседания, бег, наклоны в стороны и прыжки. Одеваясь, привлекайте внимание к верхней части фигуры.

The second type is Hourglass. The proportions of this type are closest to the ideal, since the width of the shoulders is relatively equal to the width of the thighs. Together with this, the waist is marked very clearly, which makes the owners of this type figures especially attractive. Fat, as a rule, is distributed evenly, rounding the area of ??the chest and thighs. From the exercises, choose dances, and in clothes emphasize the bend of the waist.

The third type is the Rectangle. The feature is almost the same width of the shoulders and hips, and the waist is very weakly expressed. When gaining weight, fat accumulates in the abdomen, which makes the figure particularly similar to a rectangle. Usually, girls такого типа обладают стройными ногами и сильным телом. Из физических упражнений подойдут бег, плавание и хула-хуп. При выборе одежды подчеркивайте стройность ног.

The fourth type is the "Inverted Triangle". Women with this type of figure have a small chest, a rather narrow waist, long slender legs, but the shoulders are disproportionately wide. Therefore, fat deferred exclusively in the upper part of the body, shoulders, back, chest и stomach. It is necessary to give a physical load, such as running, an exercise bike and skis, and in clothes to try to distract attention from the upper zone, emphasizing the line of legs.

The fifth type is Yabloko. The type of figure is most typical for Men. These are slender legs and hips, proportional arms and shoulders, and at the same time, there is almost no waist. Fat always accumulates in the abdomen and waist region, which makes the figure most disproportionate among all types. It is necessary to follow the diet, do not shy away running and hula-hoop, and in clothes to focus on asymmetrical cut and accessories.

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