How to determine the breast size visually

How to determine the breast size visually
Very often as a gift for his beloved woman, a man chooses a bra. Design, shape, quality, material of manufacture – all this plays an important role in choosing such an important female accessory, but first of all, the bra should ideally suit its new owner on размеру. Ask the woman about the size of her Breast dare not everyone, so most men have to determine it visually.

Define breast size visually is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. To do this, you just have to compare the shape of the breast of your beloved woman with the shape of some sports equipment.

Если грудь вашей любимой женщины сильно напоминает вам мячики для игры в пинг-понг, значит, размер ее – трогательный нулевой. Подарите своей любимой бюстгальтер с закрытыми поролоновыми чашечками, способный зрительно увеличить ее грудь.

If the woman's breast fits freely into your palm, and in its shape resembles a billiard ball, then your beloved первый размер. Visually increase it is also capable of a bra that has cups with foam inserts.

The shape of the balls for croquet has a bust of high-grade второго размера. When choosing a bra for the owner of the second размера груди take a closer look at models with dense cups without foam inserts.

Close to the ideal is the third size breast. By its size and shape, it strongly resembles such a sports projectile. like a ball for handball. Make breasts of the third size even more appetizing and attractive is capable of Push-up bra.

If your woman's breast is associated with you with two volleyballs, she is undoubtedly a lucky possessor четвертого размера. The bra for such large "sporting shells" should be equipped with elastic inserts that securely fix the chest.

The chest of the fifth size visually resembles footballs. Keep in mind that for such a chic bust it is necessary to choose a very reliable "frame", in the cups of which are sewn rigid elastic arms.

If the chest of your beloved is like two basketballs, its size is the sixth. The bra for such "wealth" should be equipped not only with a rigid frame, but also with strong wide straps.

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