How to determine skin type

How to determine skin type
Depending on the type of skin, appropriate care is selected, because dry skin requires absolutely different care, which does not fit oily skin and so on. That's why it's very important to be able to determine the type skin of the face.

You will need
  • a regular napkin, a trip to a dermatologist.
Visit dermatologist, which will make the diagnosis of skin type and give you a result, according to which you can choose care for skin person, cream, masks, peelings and so on.

Проведите диагностику independently – это непросто, и результат может иметь погрешности. Необходимо рассмотреть свою кожу очень внимательно при дневном свете, вы не должны умываться с утра, на коже не должно быть cosmetics. Better not use mirrors, as they can increase the pores of the facial skin, even when they are not enlarged – the mirrors we use every day are not designed for such purposes as skin type diagnostics.

Put a dry napkin in the morning. When the napkin remains dry, it can be said that the skin of the face dry. If on a napkin there were hardly appreciable stains – you the owner of a normal skin, that very much even it is quite good. When the napkin remains noticeable greasy spots, it is about oily skin of the face that requires special ухода, as, however, and dry. When on a napkin there are fat spots, but not in all places, речь идет о смешанном типе кожи лица.

Take a clean glass and roll it over the forehead. And then the rest of the face – on the chin, on the cheeks, on the nose. In the footsteps left on the glass, you can judge the type of skin of the face. If the traces are strongly visible in all points – the skin is oily if in some – the skin is combined, and if not visible anywhere – it is dry. If the traces are slightly visible – you have normal facial skin. In addition, the skin on the face can be sensitive. You can determine this skin by its reaction to cold and heat – it reacts to any changes very painfully. Such code requires special gentle care.

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