How to determine eye color

How to determine eye color
In everyday life, we are more often confronted with the fact that we need to know the color of our eye, than it seems to us. Women choose makeup, focusing on the color of the eyes. We are guessing about the color of the eyes of the child, remembering the color of his parents' eyes. All sorts of tests, promising on the color of the eyes tell us about fate and character. Dating websites. Iridodiagnostics. Usually we answer this question without thinking, but do you know the exact color of your eyes?

You will need
  • Mirror
  • Дневное освещение
  • Одежда нейтральных тонов
Когда мы говорим о цвете глаз, подразумевается цвет радужной оболочки. Он зависит от количества красящего пигмента – меланина и от thickness the shell itself. Because the same melanin is responsible for skin color and volos, then the common combinations are blue-eyed blondes and brown-eyed brunettes – we owe it to him.

The iris works like a diaphragm – it narrows and expands, reacting to light. When the size of the pupil changes, the pigments in the iris either concentrate and the eyes darken, or they are dispersed and the eyes become light. Because when you experience some strong emotions – fear, love, anger – your pupil is also expanding or narrowing, the color of the eyes can also depend on your psycho-emotional state.

In order to understand what color your eyes are, you need to be in an even mood and look at them in a moderate daylight. If you have bright eyes – gray, голубые, marsh-green, you need to put on top of something neutral tones, so that the outer clothing does not give your eyes an additional shade.

We distinguish eight basic colors of the iris – blue, blue, gray, green, nut, amber, brown and red, in albinos. And countless shades. Scientists use the Martin-Schultz scale, in which the eye color is divided into 16 classes. On this scale there are:

I. The dark eyes

A. Dark-dark with 1 on 4 position on the scale.

B. Темные смешанные, с небольшой примесью светлого пигмента. С 4 по 6 позицию.

II. Mixed.

From 6 to 12 position. It will be light eyes with an admixture of brown pigment.

III. Светлые глаза

From 12 to 16 position.

A. Light-bright (gray, blue, green)

B. Light mixed

1. Light-light mixed (blue with gray or green with gray)

2. Light-dark mixed (with a very small admixture of brown pigment)

If you want to discover eye color on the Martin-Schultz scale, then you should contact the Institute of Anthropology. There exists a special program that reads all the shades of the iris in a very high resolution, of the order of 100 dpi, and classifies the eye color with mathematical precision.

Another way to find out what your eye color is or suppose with a high probability of what it will be like for your the child, this is an algorithm based on the color of the eyes of the parents. Modern geneticists have proved that pigmentation is controlled by six different genes, which interact with each other according to a co-dominant, dominant-recessive and dominant-negative pattern.

Light-blue eyes have zero dominant alleles.

Blue – one dominant allele.

Синие – две доминантные аллели.

Dark-green – three dominant alleles.

Светло-коричневые – четыре доминантные аллели.

Коричневые – пять доминантных аллелей.

Hazy – six dominant alleles.

So, if the eyes of both your parents are light blue, you can not be the owner of brown eyes.

Since calculate all this is quite difficult, it is easier to turn to Online calculators, which there is a great variety.

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