How to Deep Facial Massage

How to Deep Facial Massage
It is difficult to find a woman who would not dream of looking young and well-groomed for many years. The facial skin is very exposed to the environment. Therefore, wrinkles appear early on the face.

About the skin

The skin has a complex multi-layered structure. Under the influence of massage, dead cells are removed, improving the microcirculation of blood and lymph in each cell. As a result, edema decreases, skin nutrition improves and its elasticity increases. All this leads to a reduction in wrinkles. The face looks more young, fresh and attractive.

Курс глубокого массажа не сравнится с действием омолаживающих кремов. Ведь под действием массажа задействуются самые нижние, глубокие слои кожи, позволяя выровнять овал лица и сделать его контур более четким.

How to do deep massage

Deep facial massage is suitable for people who have reached the age of 30 years. To achieve the described result, it is necessary to do it every other day for two to three weeks.

Freshen the face and bring the skin to tone will help massage the ice cube.

Wash hands thoroughly before starting the massage. Wash with cleansing milk and wipe the skin with a tonic. A very good effect will give a skin rash or a hot compress. After that, apply a nourishing cream or massage oil on your face.

Start massage with stroking your forehead. With your middle and ring fingers, draw circular lines along the hair growth, moving from the bridge of your nose to your temples. Move your fingers in the longitudinal and transverse directions along deep wrinkles. With circular motions, move the area from the temples to the inner corners of the eyes. Note that you can not diligently massage the area around the eyes, this will lead to an even greater number of wrinkles.

Stroke the wings of the nose in the direction from the base to the tip. Move along the brow ridges to the outer corners of the eyes. Cheeks massage with your fingertips, making circular movements from the corners of your lips to your temples. The lower part of the face is stretched from the chin to the corners of the mouth. Vigorously pat on the chin, beginning from its middle and up to the cheekbones. Carefully, starting from the clavicles and moving up to the chin, stroke your neck.

Contraindications to this massage are warts, herpes and skin inflammation.

Gently pat your entire face with your fingers, moving in the directions indicated above. Go to tingling. Tweezers should be carried on the skin between the eyebrows and on the forehead, moving from the center to the temples. This will help smooth out the longitudinal wrinkles. Get rid of the "crow's feet" will help tender tingle in the outer corners of the eyes. The area of ??the cheekbones should be massaged by performing deep clamps.

The next stage is rubbing the skin with the knuckles of the fingers. To do this, collect your hands in fists and rub your entire face, moving in the direction of massage lines. Then cover your face with your palm and make movements that resemble vibrations.

Gently stroke the entire face. Blot the remnants of the cream with a tissue and lie down for a while.

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