How to decorate nails

How to decorate nails
Decorated nails look very beautiful and unusual, besides the design of nails is quite fascinating. That's where there is room for imagination. Materials that are now on the market for nail-art, allow you to create a nail design that will suit a particular occasion, style and accessories.

Recently, the popularity of nail design with the help of acrylic modeling. Cover the nail with a clear acrylic gel and let it dry. Then, using a brush and a multicolored acrylic mass for modeling, create the desired decor element: a flower, a petal, a symbol or a shape. This way of nail design looks very impressive, but it is rather complicated in execution, so to decorate your nails with a neat and beautiful acrylic molding, you should consult a qualified master by manicure.

One of the most common and not complicated in execution is the design of nails with the help of painting varnishes and acrylic paints. Painting on the nail can be done with a brush, a needle, and you can combine two techniques at once.

Effectively look on the nails стразы и стеклярус. Такой дизайн будет уместен для вечернего или праздничного маникюра. Пользоваться стразами и стеклярусом несложно. Нанесите на ноготь базовый оттенок лака или создайте необходимый рисунок, дайте подсохнуть, а затем прокрасьте ногтевую пластину средством для закрепления лака. Пока это средство не подсохло, аккуратно, с помощью пинцета, выложите стразами нужный вам рисунок. Также можно glue rhinestones and bugles on the nail with the help of special glue.

In addition to professional design tools, creating nail-art nails is possible with unusual materials, such as lace, dried flowers, feathers, which should be prepared before use. Lace should be cut according to the shape you need, the dried flower should be chosen according to the size and color scheme, and the pen should be disassembled on the villi.

Украшать ногти с помощью этих материалов довольно просто. Подготовьте ногти для нанесения базового оттенка лака. Нанесите первый слой лака, дайте ему подсохнуть. Сверху нанесите второй слой и тут же, аккуратно, с помощью пинцета, положите на ногтевую пластину заранее подготовленный материал. Дайте ему подсохнуть и тем самым закрепиться на ногте. Поверх созданного nail-art нанесите один или два слоя средства для закрепления маникюра.

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