How to decorate a girl's hair? Options at home

How to decorate a girl's hair? Options at home
Little girls want to feel like princesses, so it's better to leave strict and boring hair for adult ladies, and the heads of babies can and should be adorned in many different ways. Until recently, the traditional decoration for the girl's hairstyle was considered to be tapes. They have not lost their relevance even now. Moreover, their use has become much more diverse. As before, they can be woven into braids or decorated with "tails", and you can use for these purposes not only nylon bows that look sumptuous and festive, but also satin, giving the hairdo an aristocratic look. These decorations can be either wide or very narrow – it all depends on the hairstyle and your imagination.

Кстати, вместо лент с успехом можно вплетать в косы яркую тесьму, косички, сплетенные из ниток, кружево и различные шнуры – это позволит сделать самую простую прическу оригинальной и запоминающейся.

Bright gum can also serve not only as a means to fix the hairstyle, but also as an independent decoration. A simple tail, decorated with one or more brightly colored rubber bands, attracts attention, pleases both its mistress and those around. In addition, these simple accessories are indispensable helpers for creating such simple and effective hairstyles as "mesh", "wreath", etc.

Hairpins of the original form are also able to give a hairstyle a festive look. Simple invisible, decorated with flowers from ribbons in the technique of "kazanshi", details of beads, crystals, beads, you can use not only for long hair, but also on rather short haircuts: they perfectly hold, help to fix individual strands and at the same time look very elegantly.

Beautiful rims, made of different materials, will help to make a hairdo girls not only more neat, but also attractive. A variant of this accessory can serve as elastic bandages on the head, often decorated with flowers or bows, which can be successfully used at almost any age and hair of different lengths.

Festive hairstyle of the girl can be decorated and artificial flowers. As a rule, they are attached to the hair with the help of rubber bands and pins of various designs. You can pick up such an ornament of the necessary size, shape and color, depending on what attire the little princess will put on and what hairdress will decide to supplement them.

Длинные, ухоженные волосы сами по себе являются символом девичьей красоты и порой не нуждаются ни в каких дополнительных аксессуарах. Эффектно, оригинально и в то же время аккуратно смотрятся прически, украшенные разнообразными плетениями, жгутами и косичками.

Сейчас в интернете можно найти подробные мастер-классы по плетению кос разнообразного вида.

In short, there are many options for decorating a child's hairdo. But, creating beauty, it is necessary to remember that a little girl and an adult woman are far from the same thing. Baby will not think every minute about how to keep her hair in its original form, she will have many more important and interesting things to do: run, somersault, play. Of course, you can create a hairdresser's masterpiece at the daughter's head for especially special occasions: graduation ball, photo shoot, etc. But for the daily decoration of your princess's hair, you should choose a simpler option, preferring convenience, practicality and accuracy.

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