How to decide the color of your hair

How to decide the color of your hair
The color of hair largely determines the appearance of a person. Changing it, you can transform the face, become younger, change the style. But to choose the most suitable, ideal color is sometimes quite difficult. It is advisable to consult a stylist, choosing a new shade – good professionals can appreciate your appearance, hair condition, choose the type of paint.

Choose a hair color depending on the color and condition of the skin. For example, a person with freckles, moles or other pronounced features does not look very well in the frame of very saturated dark and light hues. Burning brunettes with raven hair or platinum blondes should have an impeccable, perfectly clean skin, since such colors show all the disadvantages. If you have a pale face, choose dark brown, cherry, ashy dye or such shades as wild plum, chestnut, eggplant. Owners of olive skin are good honey and warm colors: ginger, milk chocolate.

Remember that warm colors of hair dye will give a person a blush, and cold – hide it. So if you have a pinkish skin tone, then choose a sandy, ashen blond or the tone of champagne. Also avoid staining in red tones, if you often blush or are prone to allergic reactions on the face. People with yellowish skin should not dye their hair in golden shades.

Consider eye color. People with brown, green or hazel eyes fit warm shades – golden, red, reddish. Blue and gray eyes are accentuated by cold ashy tones or light golden color.

If you doubt your decision, try to choose a hair color in accordance with the coloristic type of appearance. They are traditionally distinguished by four: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of the color types has its own range of suitable tones. Spring – a light eyes of green, blue or walnut color, hair from light shades to the shaten and a warm golden skin tone. Such people can dye your hair in golden, dark chocolate, light brown colors, you need to avoid ash and platinum. People of summer type have blonde hair, blue or gray eyes and cool skin tone. They are suitable for ash-blond colors and others shades of blond, you can choose a light brown tone, but dark ones should be avoided.

Люди осеннего цветотипа могут иметь как темные, так и светлые глаза, более яркий цвет волос, чем у предыдущих типов, и кожу теплого оттенка. Им подходят насыщенные цвета волос: каштановые, шоколадные, коричневые, рыжие, медные. Если вы принадлежите к осеннему типу, не становитесь blonde, otherwise the skin will seem dark and unnatural. Winter is a cool shade of skin and dark hair color. Them can be painted in ashy dark-blond or black color and you need to avoid warm golden tones.

Before as dye your hair выбранным оттенком краски, попробуйте сначала воспользоваться оттеночными средствами, которые быстро смываются. Это поможет вам понять, насколько верен был выбор.

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